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Photos Behind the Book

Photos © by Carol Metzker unless specified otherwise  

Chapter 1

Bihar, the poorest state in India.

Asha’s mouse.

Chapter 2



No More Tools in Tiny Hands, a sign at Mukti Ashram, where Carol met Maina.

Chapter 4

Gobi, the cab driver.

Bullocks with blue and orange sticks, “not horns, Madam.”

Chapter 5

Westtown School, where I first met Kevin Bales and learned about the work of Free the Slaves.

Chapter 6

At the first Dress for a Good Cause.

At a subsequent Dress for a Good Cause event.

Our first project completed – a motorcycle for Bal Vikas Ashram, a center for boys rescued from slavery. The motorcycle allowed coordinators to make field visits quickly and economically—to check on the health and well-being of boys who had returned home after recovery.

Chapter 7

A typical meeting for the Rotary Club of West Chester Downtown – gathering around a table to figure out how to solve tough world problems…including child slavery.

Chapter 9

In India…

Checking out the motorbike—Mark Little (left), Carol (on motorbike) and Mike Korengel (back right). Faces obscured and identities undisclosed for field workers’ protection. (Photo by unknown team member)

On the road to the boys’ ashram, we passed a house-sized burlap bag of grain attached to a tractor.

Worker with a bundle of millet.

Chapter 10

At the boy’s ashram…

Half way through lunch.

Well fed, team members take a break.

Team members play soccer with boys rescued from slavery. Where is the ball?

Brand new SUV for raid-and-rescue missions, transportation for survivors to appointments and home!

Carol saying good-bye to hosts at the ashram. (Photo by team member Emilie McI. Barber)

Chapter 11

Pig in trash. (Photo by Emilie McI. Barber)

Open sewer gutters. (Photo by Emilie McI. Barber)

Morning rituals along the Ganges River.

Chapter 12

Laundry washed in the Ganges River.

Chapter 15

Back in the U.S. …

Hands and pieces together – Circle of Friends’ hands around our first quilt face

Completed quilt – made by survivors of human trafficking, slavery and exploitation at a residence in PA and a volunteer friendship group

Chapter 16

Circle of Friends’ feet around a sundial

Circle of Friends’ visit to gardens

Books and chairs, among the donations provided to the local residence for survivors

On the far right, Circle of Friends’ small red and black quilt displayed at a local exhibit.

Chapter 17

On the way – Himalayas from the plane.

Forced into the sex trade–minors at a truck stop.

Chapter 18

Welcome to Punarnawa, a place of new beginnings for girls rescued from sex slavery.

A calf at Punarnawa. At the center, cows provide dairy for residents, dung that becomes methane for cooking, and extra milk to sell at the market.

Kathryn and the girls make naan (bread).

Feeding the bio-gas system.

Chapter 19

The milkman transfers buckets of milk from Punarnawa’s cow to canisters on the back of his bicycle.

Construction workers build a pavilion for outdoor classes and social gatherings for shade during 100+-degree days and shelter from monsoon rains.

Girls at Punarnawa learn reading, writing, math and vocational skills as they recover and develop self-esteem at Punarnawa.

Carol shares books with girls. (Photo by Kathryn Metzker)

Chapter 20

Food preparation at Punarnawa Ashram

Sewing machine for learning vocational skills – self sufficiency and the reversal of poverty protects against future enslavement.

Braiding bracelets helped us establish connections and helped girls learn to play again.

Portrait of Mahatma Gandhi on the wall of the activity room.

Chapter 23

Punarnawa’s little altar in daylight.

Chapter 24

Scenes from Jaya’s village.

Jaya and Kathryn hug good-bye.

Chapter 25

Gathering at a Community Vigilance Committee meeting in India near the borders of Nepal and Bangladesh, where villagers learn that they have rights and ways to protect their children against trafficking. (Photo by Mike Korengel.)

Chapter 26

Finding hope – girls show the marigolds they planted.

Hanging wish flags made from scraps from Dress for a Good Cause.

Mural on the dorm – What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?

Chapter 28

The 4th Annual Dress for a Good Cause at Westtown School

Rotarians raising funds for the next projects for survivors. (Photos by Eric Metzker)