How to Help

Lend a Hand to Face and Fight Child Slavery!

Educators: – 
One-page fact sheet about human trafficking,
Human Trafficking: Educators’ Next Challenge

Rotarians: Looking for a meeting make-up? Learn how Rotarians are combating human trafficking at the One World e-Club online program:

Anyone can help and learn more.

LISTEN UP! In 30 seconds, learn some signs of human trafficking and what to do if you suspect a case within the U.S. You could save someone’s life.

Know the signs. Know who to call. Be a good witness.
Signs (may not self-identify as victim):

  • abuse, depression, health problems
  • may or may not speak English and may not have documentation (ID)
  • a teenage girl with older boyfriend, fancy gifts, oversexualization
  • disorientation or changing story
  • fear of authority

If you suspect human trafficking National Human Trafficking Hotline for tipsters and victims:

Immediate danger: 9-1-1


Dress for a Good Cause – website and Facebook page.

Polaris Project
Free the Slaves’ website and blog.

Become part of the Free a Village campaign.

In Chester County, PA – CCAT-Chester County Anti-Human Trafficking Coalition, click on “Get involved.”

Act on the solutions below.

Excerpts from Facing the Monster: How One Person Can Fight Child Slavery, by Carol Hart Metzker.
© 2012 by CHM, Used by permission.

“Four areas are currently the targets for positive action:

  • Raising awareness that slavery exists;
  • Prosecution of traffickers, holders, and abusers [addressed by law enforcement]
  • Support for survivors [who often turn around to liberate other slaves]
  • Prevention of slavery.”

Some organizations, like a Global Action Group of Rotarians from many countries, address multiple areas. Join their members in projects. Learn more at

Raise Awareness

  1. “Start a conversation among friends; faith-based, civic or professional groups… Raise awareness of the growing demand for child pornography, children in the sex trade and the use of the internet for such illegal activity.”
  2. Ask for a presentation about modern slavery..
  3. “Determine how many slaves could be making your life easy by visiting:”
  4. Share Facing the Monster: How One Person Can Fight Child Slavery by Metzker with your book club. Donate a copy to your library or school. Others: Sold by McCormick, Ending Slavery Now by Bales, A Crime So Monstrous by Skinner.
  5. “Change your thinking. Is the young woman you saw in the city or at your hotel when you visited the Super Bowl a partying prostitute or a victim who is coerced to pretend she likes her work in order to stay alive?”

Provide Support for Survivors

  1. “Make a donation to a nonprofit organization that has expertise and experience helping survivors: Free the Slaves, Dawn’s Place, International Justice Mission… and many others.”
  2. [In southeastern PA,]”Donate gently worn dresses and jewelry to Dress for a Good Cause,” an event that turns all profits from the fundraiser into projects for survivors. For more info: or Or start a fundraiser of your own.
  3. “Find out what’s happening in the area of legislation for your geographic region. Free the Slaves’ and Polaris Project’s websites are good places to start to look for information. Let your elected officials know that human trafficking is intolerable.

Help Prevent Slavery.

  1. “Buy fair-trade products” (those made without slave labor). For an overview:
  2. “Fight the root causes of slavery by assisting with local and global projects. By eliminating illiteracy, poverty, and hunger, you are thwarting slavery. …”
  3. “Invest with social responsibility.”
  4. “Write to corporations for whom you are a customer or shareholder. Ask how they are working to ensure that slave labor is not part of their supply chains.”

What Doesn’t Work

  • A general boycott of products—can put legal and ethical workers out of jobs, making more people vulnerable to slavery.
  • Supporting organizations that buy slaves to rescue them—creates stronger, wealthier slaveholders who have more power and resources to create more victims.

[by Carol Hart Metzker]