“Metzker’s compelling chronicle inspires us with the amazing work of today’s liberators and the struggle for healing by slavery survivors. But perhaps the most important part of her story is to show us that because slavery reaches deeply into all our lives, those same connections allow each of us to be part of the liberation story, and of the ending of slavery. We can walk with Metzker through her encounters with slavery, and emerge to take a stand.”
— Ginny Baumann, associate programs director of Free the Slaves

“Is there any more heroic act than saving children from slavery? Metzker shares her amazing story, showing how anyone with compassion and commitment can achieve this incredible act.”
— Noah Blumenthal, bestselling author of Be the Hero

“[Facing the Monster] powerfully yet sensitively captures the plight of survivors of human trafficking and modern slavery at home and abroad. Through stories within a story, it reveals what one person can do toward changing the lives of millions of victims and asks other people to follow in her footsteps.”
— Michelle Loisel, DC, executive director of Dawn’s Place, a US residence for survivors of human trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation

“A powerful, intimate journey of discovery. Metzker pulls back the curtain in a way that we can no longer ignore the personal side of the greatest evil of our age.”
— Bob Frye, founder of End Modern Slavery Working Group of Religious Society of Friends, PYM

“Poignant, pragmatic, full of inspiring stories of courage and determination…'”
— Mark Little, Rotarian and Founder, Action Group against Child Slavery

“Most people become immobilized in the face of staggering problems but Carol Metzker provides her story as an example of effective action. In Facing the Monster, she tells of her growing awareness of modern institutionalized slavery, how she was led to respond and what she has been able to do. By learning of Metzker’s work, readers are able to imagine that their own efforts, at any level, could be important, too—large and small, but always powerful.”
— Ann W. Upton, Special Collections Librarian
Haverford College

“Passion for the subject has made Metzker eloquent and an even better storyteller.”
— Victoria Dow, Director
West Chester Public Library

“…a true and accurate account of how you can do something about the scourge of International Human Trafficking. No one expects us to bring peace to the world; no one expects us to solve the world problems of poverty, war and injustice. As Carol Metzker so eloquently describes, to solve the world’s problems, all you have to do is: Do what you can, where you are, with what you have.”
— Ron Chance
Adjunct Professor of Intelligence Analysis
Neumann University

“Through sharing her journey of discovery, Carol Metzker makes a compelling case why we Quakers – et al! – must dust off and update our abolitionist skills and get back to work.”
— Elizabeth Killough
Chair, America’s First Fair Trade Town Committee

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